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Former Stroger aide denies taking kickbacks on county contracts

Автор: SuzanneJacobs
пн, 2013-09-16 11:21
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After prosecutors successfully objected to the question, Donald-Kyei tried again.
"Isn't it true, sir, that you weren't really interested in Eugene Mullins?" she asked, prompting another sustained objection.
Prosecutors allege that Mullins used his position as a trusted member of Stroger's staff to pocket nearly $35,000 in kickbacks over a two-year period. Mullins allegedly broke up the contracts so each was worth less than $25,000 and would not need County Board approval. Mullins has pleaded not guilty to four counts each of wire fraud and soliciting kickbacks.
Mullins' attorneys claim that Stroger was the real target of an investigation being steered behind the scenes by his political enemies. Stroger,Cheap Patriots Jersey, who was voted out of office in 2010 after a tumultuous term, was on the defense's witness list,Vince Wilfork Jersey, but Mullins' lawyers did not call him to the stand.
Taking the stand in his own defense Friday, Mullins testified that he never accepted any kickbacks. He said he was not in charge of the contracts and his signatures were not on any of the approvals or invoices. He said four contractors who testified against him earlier in the week had lied.
All four Michael Peery, Gary Render, Clifford Borner, and Kenneth Demos have been charged but are cooperating with authorities in hopes of receiving leniency in their cases.
Mullins, a former Chicago police officer,Friday the 13th superstitions and facts- Everything you need, testified that FBI agents arrested him in dramatic fashion last year as he was giving an anti-bullying talk to kids at a suburban police department. His attorneys have suggested to jurors the show of force was an effort to intimidate Mullins into cooperating.
"I saw four suits coming toward me,Wholesale New England Patriots T-Shirts, and one of the suits walked up on me and tried to grab my left side," Mullins said.
Jurors are expected to hear closing arguments Monday.
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