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Obama- I might lose congressional vote on Syria

Автор: SuzanneJacobs
чт, 2013-09-12 11:32
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?I will vote `no? because of too much uncertainly about what comes next,? said Sen. Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican. ?After Step A, what will be steps B,Wholesale 49ers Hats, C,Wholesale Frank Gore Jersey, D and E?? he added, reflecting concerns that even the limited action Obama was contemplating could lead to a wider war. Missouri Republican Roy Blunt also announced his opposition.

In the House, one of two female Iraq war veterans in Congress announced opposition to military strikes.

?As a soldier, I understand that before taking any military action, our nation must have a clear tactical objective, a realistic strategy, the necessary resources to execute that strategy, including the support of the American people, and an exit plan,? said Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii. She said Obama?s plan ?fails to meet any of these criteria.?

Legislation approved in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week would give Obama a maximum of 90 days to carry out a military attack, and it includes a ban on combat operations on the ground in Syria. Both of those limitations were last-minute concessions to critics of a military option, and it was unclear whether Reid would seek additional changes to build support.

Despite the difficulty confronting Obama, an AP survey indicated the issue was hardly hopeless for the president, particularly in the Senate where Democrats maintain a majority,San Francisco 49ers Jersey, and perhaps also in the Republican-controlled House.

The survey showed 23 Senate votes in favor of military authorization and 10 more leaning that way. Opponents totaled 20,7 Things Everyone Wants To Know Before A Divorce, with another 14 leaning in the same direction, with the remaining 33 senators undecided or publicly uncommitted. That created at least the possibility of the 60-vote majority that will be necessary to advance the bill.

In the House, there were fewer than a dozen declared in support and 150 opposed or leaning that way. But 201 lawmakers had yet to take a public position, more than enough to swing the outcome either way.

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