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Hans Zimmer On Why Ben Affleck Is A ‘Really Good Choice

Автор: SuzanneJacobs
пн, 2013-09-09 11:08
Изображение пользователя <em>SuzanneJacobs</em>.

With the casting of Ben Affleck to play Batman opposite Henry Cavill s Superman, it is a completely different animal, hence different music would have to be composed for the film.
Hans Zimmer hasn t said if he will take on the project or not, many assume he will, but we don t even know if director Zack Snyder has asked him to come along with the project,
I ll have to think about that one, said Zimmer. I might give you a new Batman if I do it.
The good thing is that he was the author of the score, so it would just be a matter of doing something that would give the audience the feel of both Batman and Superman,Your MLB Announcing Schedule for 9-3, right?
Not surprisingly, Zimmer told Red Carpet News via that he supports the casting of Ben Affleck in the role of Batman,
I actually think it s a really good choice,Reggie Wayne Jersey, because #1 he s a great filmmaker. He s smart. He wouldn t have taken it if he had set himself up for a fall. And, you know, he s a bit older these days and that s what we need,Nike Colts T-Shirts, and he s got a good chin.
Zimmer has a point,Cheap Indianapolis Colts Hats, Affleck wouldn t have agreed to take on the role if he thought he wouldn t be successful and moreover, he wouldn t have signed on for several films in the future.

Let s hope Hans Zimmer is correct in his assumptions and also that Zack Snyder brings him on board for Man Of Steel 2.

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