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Marc Jacobs Bags

Автор: paleyes
пн, 2013-07-22 06:37
Изображение пользователя <em>paleyes</em>.

The best part? Going from Marc Jacobs to 60 only takes exactly one minute! Watch now to see how Allison McNamara gave her outfit a Marc Jacobs revamp in just 60 seconds.That Marc Jacobs shoe name is no coincidence - Jen is a major Marc Jacobs fangirl, especially when it comes to his Marc Jacobs shoes, and her pal Tom named this Marc Jacobs shoe in her honor. All Marc Jacobs shoes feature branding that fuses signature graphic elements of both Marc Jacobs.Whether you're headed to a beach weekend with your crew or an exotic international destination (or maybe both), you'll need amazing outfit ideas for all your travel plans.Splashing in lakes and soaking up rays, eating s'mores and smooching under the stars... Marc Jacobs Director Cindy Weber Cleary says in the August issue of InMarc Jacobs (on / Marc Jacobs Bags newsstands now). We've taken her tips and Marc Jacobs inspiration from the stars to show how you can venture out in sleepwear-and pull it off. Featuring two colorways, black/grey and blue/grey, the Haze Marc Jacobs's spirited pattern and bold color palette help to accentuate the multiple features found within the Marc Jacobs shoes themselves.I love Stella McCartney! It's guilt-free shopping in so many ways from that fact that it's all undeniably chic down to her use of biodegradable materials.

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