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Авто справочник


115419, Москва, Рощинский 2-й пр., д. 8, стр. 7, оф. 1104   Ленинский Проспект
(495) 540-5640
Факс: (495) 633-1128
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"Hey, boring Oh!" Child sitting in the office and stretched, how is it recently? All people are like like an appointment, all the forsaken her outrageous, they again so she can get ready red pen to write a Dear John letter. Indeed strange to coach handbags outlet say, the first court security dragon head, not the tail, and then Yi Jin busy all day working, she really was so busy? There is a small language, always said that filming could not get away, she is not a supporting role? How can coach outlet store online there be so much filming? Can children feel a vague something coach factory outlet without telling her why coach outlet she can not tell, say, she was really too busy working, do two things can not busy this? The general manager also just court security too much out of it! Every day, do not go to work, he was not afraid to employees rebel?

Bell ...... contemplation of a burst can telephone interrupted by the sound of children, looking at the piles of documents on the table, can children sighed reluctantly, whether it be the first pick up the coach outlet store online phone to say.

"Hey, where Oriental real estate, what you want to speak?"

"I find Miss Lin Ke children. Tribunal placed meaning a low voice.

"I am, you calling?" Children some wonder, this sounds a bit familiar, but there is a strange feeling.

"I was the general manager of the Oriental estate."

This, the child knows that he is playing court security. "Court security, are you up to?"

Children, did not want me? "

"You're less talkative, the company many things you want whenever you back to the company!"

Company one day I will not collapse, nor do I now have one of the more important things to do. "

"There are important things?"

"Of course, this is the relationship of my life happy event!"

"Well, you do not keep people guessing, and in the end is what?"

"Children today after work waiting for me in the company there or be square, OK? Range can children have chipped opportunity, court security, hung up the phone tonight, he wanted to give children a most romantic, the most memorable one night.

Phone head children is puzzling, court security strange today, he has always been a workaholic, and how this ... Oh, she thought of it, is what relevance the happy event of his life! Is anything at all? Pondering a while, the coach factory outlet children decided to give up, whether it be something, anyway, has nothing to do with her, without telling her or tribunal safety will not say if she really something to see him tonight, not the mystery? Why does this much ado about nothing! May be the children of the biggest advantages is not self-inflicted troubles.

"A few, and coach outlet canada so for a long time?" Court coach purses outlet security can children graciously opened the door, she asked.

"Fortunately," the child's breath trace complain.

"Child, how I feel that your tone of voice more and more like Jour?" The court may be looking at the safety funny child.

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